Safe, effective therapy

Multiplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber for medical use is tested to process the hyperbaric oxygen therapy safely and effectively up to 7.15 bar. All elements of the chambers are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent design standard of hyperbaric pressure vessel and international certification standard as required by hyperbaric device design and production dimension in ASME, PVHO-1.

Comfortable, wide inside space

It has the broad floor shape to provide the sufficient space for the staff to move while providing the space to treat conveniently for patients simultaneously. Such the broad inside minimizes the inconvenience for patients and staff during the process of the therapy and help the staff for easy for all types of patients from outpatients to walk into the chamber to the seriously-ill patients that required the wheelchair and bed to enter into the chamber.

Customizing design available

IBEX Medical Systems has a variety of models of hyperbaric chamber and customize.